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Skin Therapy

Sesha Skin Therapy products are now available in surgery.


Contact us now to book your consultation with Dr Brabbins (£60) and get this back on purchased products.


Click here for more details about Sesha and what is available to you.

Surgery Hours

Monday 8.30 - 4.45*
Tuesday 8.30 - 4.45*
Wednesday 9.00 - 4.30*
Thursday 9.00 - 4.30*
Friday 9am - 4.30*
Saturday 9am - 12.00
*variable lunch hour

Thursday reception is open to book appointments only (no dental work available)


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Where we are

1 School Road,




Tel 01733 810235


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Prices (2)

General   Crowns & Bridges  
New patient registration/
Lapsed patient exam
(includes exam & 2 xrays)
£35 Composite Stick bridge £550
Re-cement crown/bridge £70
Crown £350
Routine examination £30 Lab made post £60
OAP routine examination £22 3 unit bridge £800+
Scale & polish with dentist (15mins) £20 Veneers (each) £200
Hygienist scale & polish (30mins) £40 Space Maintainer (1 tooth) £200
X-rays (per x-ray) £16    
Gum shield (plain) £75 Dentures  
    Acrylic 1 tooth £220
    Acrylic 2-3 teeth £280
Fillings   Acrylic 4+ teeth £300
Amalgam Fillings £50-£70 Full upper and lower £350
Composites (white) £50-£90 Complete set £590
Single surface comp/GI £55 Metal 1-4 teeth £490
Bio dentine dressing (insulator for very deep fillings) £90 Metal 4+ teeth £550
    Reline £90
Root Fillings   Addition £100
1st dressing £50 Repair (impression £15 extra) £35
Anterior tooth £150    
Pre-molar £250 Extractions  
Molar £340 Simple extraction £70
Apicectomy £300 Surgical extraction £90
Other Treatments   Other Treatments - Cosmetic  
Temporary Filling £40 Tooth Whitening (full mouth) £250
Referral Letters/Passports £20    
Visit/Advice only £35    
Weekend call out fee £55 For all cosmetic products click here to visit
Newborough Cosmetic Skin Clinic website
For all cosmetic products  and dental whitening click here to visit our Newborough Cosmetic Skin Clinic



Welcome to Newborough Dental Surgery

Dr Beverly Brabbins & Rebecca Dean (Hygienist)

Resident Dentist Dr B Brabbins (formerly Hollingdale) set up Newborough Dental Surgery in 1999 after relocated to the village having previously run her own surgery within Park Road Dental Practice in Peterborough. The surgery is located in Newborough Village, just 5 miles from Peterborough town centre. Parking is no problem as the surgery has its own off-road private car park.


Equipment and materials are regularly updated to provide the best quality of service available to patients. Some improvement include: Fibre-optic hand pieces which use a fibre optic light to give the dentist better visiibility when performing fillings/treatments in the mouth. Digital radiography has been installed to improve radiographic quality and to reduce radiation to the patient by over 85%. An intra-oral camera is used to allow the patients to see their own teeth on an overhead screen and to allow pictures to be taken and stored on th enew computer system. We have a text messaging service to confirm patients' appointments a couple of days before. All surgeries benefit from air-conditioning and there is ample car parking off-road.

High quality customer care and personal service are standard at Newborough Dental Surgery.

Our friendly staff are here to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible with a priority on your general health as well as your dental health. Even the more nervous patients and children need not worry with the care and attention they will receive.

Newborough Dental Surgery has operated independently from the NHS since 2002, however, children up to the age of 18, whose parents are registered at the surgery, will receive free treatment. Registration is initiated at your first examination and rolled on at every visit and only lapses if you have not attended the surgery for 15 months.


womanbrushing manbrushing girlbrushing

Additional Services

Miss Brabbins has undergone training enabling her to offer you treatments to:

Enhance lips

Remove smoker's lines

Naso-labial lines

Depression from acne scaring

Crows feet, forehead lines, etc.

For the treatment of crow's feet, frown lines, forehead lines, lower face and neck lines.
Consultation: £60 (This fee is subsequently deducted from the cost of Botox treatment).
Cost: £160-260. Hyperhydrosis Botox Treatment: £400
Click here for frequently asked questions or for further information.

A dermal filler for skin rejuvenation and elimination or reduction of fine lines wrinkles and fold. Full Syringe £300, Two Syringes £390

Sesha Skin Therapy:
The Anti-Oxidant Skin Therapy which really delivers! It is at the cutting-edge of anti-ageing skin care technology. Visit for more details.

Teeth Whitening:
We now have the facilities to offer teeth whitening with Optident 10% which works within 4 hours and a reasonable cost. New treatment - £270, Top-ups - £30 per tube, New Trays - £100 for a set (upper/lower)

Domicilliary Visits

Domicilliary visits are available to treat residents and attend to any dental work needs. Treatments are available on a limited basis and are available for a private fee.

The Treatments are: examination, extraction, issue of prescription and denture services.


Price Guide:

(including cancer check)
Denture Reline £100.00
Tissue Conditioner £50.00
Denture Repairs £30.00
Extraction £57.00
Full upper or lower denture (acrylic) £500.00
Additions to Denture
Plus £30 for each extra addition
£90.00 (for first addition)
Domicilliary Visit £20.00 per visit



Newborough Dental Surgery and Cosmetic Skin Clinic Price list

Call our team: 01733 810235


New Patient Examination/Lapsed Patient


Routine Examination


Pensioner Examination

£25.00 (OAP Discount)

Scale and Polish with Dentist


Hygienist (30 Minute Appointment)


X rays Per Exam


Gum Shield Plain





Amalgam Filling


Composite (White) Filling


Single Surface Composite


Bio dentine Dressing (Insulator for Very Deep Fillings)



Root Fillings


1st Dressing


Anterior Tooth











Simple Extraction


Surgical Extraction



Crowns and Bridges


Composite stick bridge


Re Cement Crown or Bridge




Lab Made post


3 Unit Bridge


Veneers Each Tooth


Space Maintainer 1 tooth





Acrylic 1 Tooth Denture


Acrylic 2-3 Teeth Denture


Acrylic 4+ Teeth Denture


Full upper OR lower


Complete Set



Metal 1-4 Teeth


Metal 4+ Teeth


Reline Denture


Tooth addition



£40.00 (+ £20 If Impression Taken)



Temporary Filling


Tooth Whitening


Referral Letter/ Passport




Weekend callout fee


Call us: 01733 810235. 

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is extremely important to us and patient complaints therefore are taken very seriously and will be acted on immediately.


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