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Tooth Whitening?

For any of our patients who have had tooth whitening or patients who are thinking about having their teeth whitened, choose Pola-day/night.



Surgery Hours

Monday 8.30 - 4.45*
Tuesday 8.30 - 4.45*
Wednesday 9.00 - 4.30*
Thursday 9.00 - 4.30*
Friday 9am - 4.30*
Saturday 9am - 12.00
*variable lunch hour

Thursday reception is open to book appointments only (no dental work available)


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Where we are

1 School Road,




Tel 01733 810235


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Dental Hygiene

teethmirrorWe have our own dental hygienist on-site and the dentist prescribes appointments with her if needed initially. She may request further appointments if clinically required.


Hygiene appointments are a preventative treatment. Every effort is made here to avoid unnecessary dental treatment and maintain good oral health, the Hygienist plays a very important role in doing this as she will give oral hygiene advice as well as removing hard tartar from under the gum, which cannot be removed manually with a toothbrush.